How to choose the right gift Bible

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Family Christian NIV Bibles on sale #ad

A new Bible makes a wonderful gift!  They can even be personalized to make them extra special.  NIV stands for “New International Version.”  This represents the language style of the text.  Rather than the old speech of the King James Version, the NIV uses modern language.  Although there are other types available, I’ve found that the NIV is most common in the Christian and Baptist churches that I’ve visited.  It’s also commonly used on home decor where scriptural messages are displayed.  Still, it can be hard to narrow down which Study Bible is right for you (or your gift recipient).  Have you ever wondered WHY there are so many Bible types available?  It’s the same book each time, right?  Well, yes and no. Each of these Study Bibles contains full-color maps and pertinent background information.  They also have diagrams and study notes to make it easier to understand what’s going on in Bible stories. Here are some reasons that Bibles vary in size, style, and price.

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Tenth Avenue North – Cathedrals Music that lifts the spirit #sponsored

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Tenth Avenue North Cathedrals #ad

In this season of light and love, it’s easy to forget that there are people in the world who are hurting.  Even now, you might be reading this blog with a deep heartache over a loss or a conflict going on in your life.  December isn’t a joyful month for everyone.  For many, it’s a season of reminders of loss.  It’s a time for loneliness and pain.  It can also be a trial in one’s faith, a moment when someone might be asking God, “WHY?”   When Family Christian asked me to share the new Tenth Avenue North Cathedrals CD with you, it was a message I was more than willing to deliver.  This CD is full of uplifting lyrics that serve as a reminder that we’re never alone.   [Read more…]

Movies to add to our family DVD library #sponsored

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Excuse the stack on top of my DVD player.  As you can see, we watch a lot of movies.

Although we have cable and Wi-Fi, with hundreds of channels and websites, there is not always a family-friendly show on television for us.  We closely monitor what our children see and hear.  My husband and I believe that it’s our parental responsibility to protect the innocence of our children, which includes the content that we introduce to their brains.  When the TV is on at our home, it’s usually turned to a documentary or a Veggie Tales cartoon.  In fact, even as I type this my husband and 5-year-old son are watching a mini-series on wildlife in China.  We also like to have an assortment of DVDs to play in the van or to take on trips with us.  Family Christian has great prices on DVDs that reinforce strong family values.   [Read more…]

Feel the Difference in more-T toothbrushes #NaturallyHealthy

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You don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday

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I’m so excited that many stores are offering Cyber Weekend deals — offers that save your hard-earned dollars all weekend long.  We were with family for Thanksgiving and exhausted most of our holiday budget on travel expenses, so there wasn’t any left to take advantage of Black Friday deals.  Even though we didn’t get out to shop, there are lots of many sales going on via the web.  I love checking out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals.  I added a few to my wishlistplan to buy some of  them before Christmas hits!

Cyber Monday sales at Lovable Labels last all weekend -

You don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday for these deals from Lovable Labels. My favorite deal is the Stocking Stuffer set which is $10 for 3 sets. [Read more…]

Brushes that bring smiles for Christmas #giftguide

Bling toothbrush - makes a great stocking stuffer! #giftguide Disclosure: I received product samples. Opinions shared here are 100% mine.

With all the candy and other sweet treats my kids consume at Christmastime, it’s a no-brainer to include a cool toothbrush in their stockings.  There’s nothing exciting about plain old brushes; however, the options on this gift guide are nothing ordinary! [Read more…]

Gifts for the active elves on your list #giftguide

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Looking for ways to keep your active elves busy over the Christmas holidays?  Check out these fun toy ideas.  They’re sure to inspire lots of creative play while even teaching your kids a little bit, too!

The Wild Kratts are popular in our house. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas Giveaway Hop featuring Silverlit

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Merry-Christmas-Giveaway-Hop - ends 12/8

Welcome to the Merry Christmas Giveaway! This event is hosted by Planet Weidknecht and LeahSay’s Views.

One lucky reader will win a Nano Falcon, thanks to Silverlit Toys. Check out my gift guide post! Nano Falcon - enter to win! #giftguide [Read more…]

Affordable luxury gifts for Christmas #giftguide

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Whatever your Christmas budget, there are times when you want to give something really special while staying within your means.  Here are some gift ideas that feel extravagant without going overboard.

Natasha’s Just Brittle is an affordable luxury for the person who loves decadent, unusual treats.  [Read more…]

Let your child fly high with these toy ideas #giftguide

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There’s something so intriguing about space. That unknown frontier is still a mystery and inspiration to all of us. Even from a young age, children are enamored with looking up into the sky and wondering about the great beyond.  If you have a child who likes to fly high, here are some gift ideas that will delight, entertain, and educate your little flyer!

The first gift my son asked for this Christmas was a remote controlled helicopter.  We got one when he was only 3 years old and he loved playing with it; unfortunately it crash-landed and didn’t work properly after that.  This year he’ll receive the Silverlit Nano Falcon.  This heli is especially cool because it’s a record-holder for the smallest RC copter.  [Read more…]