Stocking Stuffers still bring a smile after Christmas

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Now that Christmas is officially over, it’s time for me to focus on 2015 shopping.  My kids have their birthdays in the spring. Work is very busy in the spring so I like to get their birthday shopping finished well in advance.  Finding discounts and clearance items at the after-Christmas sales is fun and budget-friendly.  I stash away the gifts so that I’m prepared when an occasion arises!  One item I will be looking for is the Markwin’s Holiday Stocking Stuffers that are available at Walmart.  These affordable sets include beauty products in bright colors that teens will love.  We received the #FLASHMOB URBAN NAILS collection.  

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Wrap Up December with these fun (belated) gifts

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Did you miss Christmas for someone special?  Maybe you need a belated gift for that person who gave you something unexpected. Perhaps you just want to tell someone you’re thinking of her.  Whatever the reason, here are some ideas!

Sometimes I think the Amazon gift card was made just for me. You see, they do instant email delivery. It can also be scheduled in advance. So easy!! If you want a gift in-hand, you can also print out the gift card. This is a great last-minute idea for any occasion.

Another great last-minute gift that can be announced via email is a Birchbox subscription. This is my new go-to gift for all my girlfriends.  My sister and I love to unbox our monthly subs together (or over the phone) and gush about what fun samples we received.  The gift subscriptions start at $30, which gives your recipient 3 months of fun.  If you don’t want to commit to that price point, consider putting together your own gift box.
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Color your world over the holidays with Crayola book kits

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Crayola kits make great gifts! #ad

2 kids.  2 weeks.  1 very tired mom.

That’s what Christmas break usually means at my house.

You would think that spending my days with 110+ 6th graders would build my endurance for time spent with my personal children, but it’s quite the contrary.  Being a hands-on mom is a much tougher job than teaching all day!!  When my kids are home, they like to have one or two “pajama days” but then it’s time to get our game on.  What will we do all day?  These awesome Crayola kits from Baker & Taylor Publishing can keep smiles on everyone’s faces! Whether it’s Rock Painting or Drawing that floats your child’s boat, you’re both going to enjoy these book kits.  Both are priced at under $20 and shipped free with Amazon Prime, these books are perfect for gift giving.  Christmas, birthdays, and “just to say I love you” — all are perfect occasions for art!   [Read more…]

Have soft skin for the holidays with Udderly Smooth

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BeautyBox5 unboxed - December #ad
I’m a big fan of beauty products, as you know. It’s fun to experiment with new fragrances, makeup, and haircare. Every month I look forward to trying great new items from my subscription boxes, like the Beauty Box 5. In my December box, I received lots of goodies including a fabulous new fragrance and some delightful body wash.  Ideal for travel, these little samples are also fun to try and share.  My favorite product from the BB5 was the perfume.  It has an exotic, warm scent that lingered just enough to be mysterious yet not so much that it overpowered the dinner table.  My extra samples would be perfect for making a little gift basket for houseguests, too! [Read more…]

One for me, one for you – I love that kind of shopping!

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I am all about the “buy something for myself” while I’m Christmas shopping.  I used to feel guilt about that syndrome.  It seemed so frivolous to buy myself something when the shopping trip was supposed to be for gift-buying.  The thing is that I tend to buy people things I want for myself as gifts.  So when I’m wrapping it, the whole time I’m wishing that someone would gift it to me!  Then I decided that someone CAN gift it to me….. ME!!!

Awesome scarf - $23 shipped!!

This scarf with sleeves is adorable – I want it in every color!!  It is $23 shipped, just right for a girlfriend gift. I ordered beige but they also have red and black.

Another gift I ended up buying myself this year was a Birchbox subscription.   [Read more…]

Old Factory candles review

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Enter to win a set of Old Factory candles - ends 12/30

My husband and I have a running joke about gift-giving. When in doubt, we give candles. Everyone can use a fragrance pick-me-up in their home!  It’s often difficult to pick just one scent, which is one reason why I loved this trio from Old Factory.  Exclusively found on Amazon, these candles come in sets of 3.  They’re hand-poured in the USA and are just the right size for gift-giving.  You don’t have to commit to burning this candle forever and ever, although they are supposed to be very long burning!  They’re made from natural soy wax and come in a dozen theme-related sets.   I chose the Winter Wonderland theme which gave me one each of the Hot Cocoa, Roasted Chestnut, and First Snow scents.  [Read more…]

Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy #HintingSeason

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It’s the Hinting Season and my husband has been laying it on thick.  He’s so sweet, though, because his hinting is really for me!!   We’ve gone through some painfully long photo sessions where I had to take and retake photos due to blurry images or poor lighting.  My husband insists that we purchase the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.  He’s been checking it out for weeks.  I’m pretty excited because we can now save $150 by getting this at Best Buy! This offer is valid from 12/7/14 through 12/20/14.

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The Happy’s make a fun gift for Christmas and birthdays

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#TheHappys - featured on

Having a pet is a great part of childhood, but it is not something that everyone can enjoy.  Having a pet could become an allergy issue, an extra stress, or simply a financial burden for some families.  There’s a way to give your child some pet joy on Christmas morning without having to potty train — welcome to The Happy’s from Cepia!  [Read more…]

Roll right into the new year on the EzyRoller

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - EzyRoller #ad

What’s your Red Rider? You know, like on The Christmas Story? I’m talking about that toy that you’ll remember forever. The one that always got pulled out; the one that had scuff marks and maybe even some blood from a scraped knee. It’s the toy of your childhood that you wish you still had. For me, that toy was my bike. I rode it everywhere from the school playground to my best friend’s house. Now that I live in East Tennessee, with its rolling mountains and all, bike riding is a lot more strenuous than it was when I was 10! My kids love to play outside and wheeled toys are always a hit. I’m excited for them to see the EzyRoller this year. It’s that toy THEY will tell their kids about!
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Holiday Gifts From Best Buy Are Santa Approved #sponsored

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Dear Santa,

Contrary to what my husband thinks, I am not a mind reader. I’m a busy mom who has limited time and money for Christmas shopping.  Please help me figure out what he wants for Christmas.  You see, he works really hard every single day to make sure our family has what we need and most of what we want.  It would be really nice to get him something he’d actually use and enjoy.  He should be able to relax a little bit and have some fun with the kids.  Mostly, I just want him to love it.  Last year’s gift sat in the trunk of the car until he finally got around to exchanging it in August.

Santa, you know what he’d like.  Share the info, please.


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Dear Dede,

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