Battle at Bristol fans – stop by Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, TN

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Heading to Bristol, TN this weekend for the Battle at Bristol?  Be sure to stop by the Blackbird Bakery downtown.  You won’t be disappointed!  It’s right off State Street, but the parking isn’t easy to find so take what you can get.  When you enter, you’ll see the beautifully restored building that houses the bakery.  You’ll probably have to stand in line, but it’s totally worth the wait.  Let me indulge you for a moment.

Blackbird Bakery - key lime cheesecake!

Key lime cheesecake, my friends.

Here’s where you can get it …… 

Blackbird Bakery - Bristol TN featured on

Enjoy the view while you’re standing in line for your sugary delights.   There is a lovely pair of staircases, plenty of seating areas, and local artwork.

Blackbird Bakery - Bristol TN featured on

I also like the vintage decor found near the serving areas.

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol TN - featured on

Now for the goods!  You’ll find all sorts of delicacies here, but it seems that most people come for the baked goods.  You can see why!

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol TN - featured on

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol TN - featured on

They also serve hand-dipped ice cream cones, various hot coffee drinks, and a few specialty items found on the counter.  I purchased a couple of loaves of bread on our last visit. They didn’t go to waste!   We’ve stopped by in the  morning and found that they do serve biscuits — we had to ask for them since they weren’t on the menu, but they were delicious all the same.

Blackbird Bakery in Bristol TN - featured on

My go-to order is always the key lime cheesecake. It rivals the Cheesecake Factory in flavor yet comes in at a lower price point.  It can easily be shared — I’ll let you decide if that’s a pro or con!

Here’s the final tip about Blackbird Bakery: it’s open 24 hours a day!  Sometimes it’s hard to find a great place to eat when you visit someplace new.  Don’t miss this one!

Tell us about a great local bakery you like to visit!  

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  1. Lori Pouncey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing 💕 what a deligjtful bakery! I would sure lobe to show up here with my sweet tooth and a good book 🌼

  2. This dessert looks delish

  3. The bakery items look so luscious. I would like to try the key lime one. thanks for the pictures

  4. everything looked so good. My favorite bakery is a local one called DiStephanos

  5. You can have a savory and a sweet breakfast here!

  6. Looks like a great place! Thanks for sharing with your readers 🙂

  7. Julie Waldron says:

    Everything looks delicious!

  8. Margaret Porter says:

    That key lime cheesecake looks yummy! We have an German Bakery that is just wonderful.

  9. Tamra Phelps says:

    I’m drooling over this stuff! I’m on a diet, so I would love to have that cheesecake, lol.

  10. Those look amazing! I am so gonna lose my not eating sweets tonight battle!

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