Beauty and the Beast at Real to Reel Theater in Johnson City, TN

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When I tell people I’m a teacher, they often say, “Oh, you’re so lucky to have the summers off.”  YES, I am!  Teaching is mentally and physically exhausting, and the summer months really do help me to unwind.  During the summer, I become a real person again. The working mom side of me doesn’t dominate.  I get to have fun with my own children, read books I craved all year, and go without makeup for days on end.  Now that it’s the end of summer and time to get back to school, the race is on! I have to do all the things!  We’d been planning to see the new Beauty and the Beast, but didn’t get a chance until last week.  We went to the $3 movie theater in Johnson City, TN. 

Real to Reel Theater is rarely crowded during the day; we went to the 3 pm showing.  After stopping to get concessions ($6 pack for kids = popcorn/drink/candy) we found our seats in a completely empty theater.  One couple came in while we watched the movie, but otherwise we were alone.  It was wonderful!   The rocker-style seats are comfortable, and the theater was clean.  I can do without the recliners for such an inexpensive ticket!

When you go, take a few quarters so the kids can enjoy some video games.  They are 25-cents per play.  Meanwhile, you can sit at the cafe table and take a breather.

It was a truly wonderful movie — visually stunning and emotionally riveting.  The kids and I were thrilled that we got to see it before it went out of theaters.  It’s definitely one that we’ll add to our video collection.   Purchase or rent it on Amazon for around $20.

What do you really want to do this summer? 

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  1. Donna N says:

    Go to the Beach.

  2. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I want to be tan. I don’t mean a little tan, I mean brown from the sun. I want to be as dark as I was when I was little and playing out in the sun was the only thing I wanted to do.

  3. Natalie says:

    I would love to travel to Colorado this summer to see my brother.

  4. A 4 day trip to Santa Fe for the opera.
    Thanks for the contest.

  5. molli taylor says:

    id love to go camping in montana

  6. Anywhere with a beach!

  7. I want to spend some quality time with my family at the pool.

  8. Linda G. says:

    I want to take a mini trip in our state to the beach.

  9. I have had a great summer so far and I have already done most things that I wanted – gone to the beach, gone to Disney, gone to Universal, and hung out with friends and family. The only thing we haven’t had time for is taking out the boat, and we love to go out scalloping. Hopefully we can squeeze in a trip in the next few weeks.

  10. Deborah W. says:

    I have had a great summer and it’s not over yet! I traveled to Florida to visit my newly married daughter and son-in-love. SO much to do and so little time. Love the weather this year in Ohio! Wow!

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