Bring Me Back and Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris book review

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Disclosure: Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of the book. Opinions shared are mine.

Dolls creep me out. Thanks so much, B. A. Paris, for adding Russian dolls to that list. Oh, and probably won’t ever stop at a random bathroom along the highway ever again.

Many factors of Bring Me Back worked well together. The wishy-washy male main character Finn, web of relationships, and fluctuating emotions kept me reading and wondering….what will happen next? There was a frequent rehashing of details and evidence that got on my nerves, though it seemed to reiterate the point that Finn was mentally struggling.

Though this wasn’t exactly a thriller, nor was it super suspenseful, Bring Me Back was a book worth reading. I liked The Breakdown more, but it’s worlds above Behind Closed Doors.

I feel like a misfit because I didn’t like this book.

After seeing so many gushing reviews about Behind Closed Doors, I finally got a copy at the library and read it through in one sitting. True, it kept my attention, but only because I really wanted to get to the ending. There were a few Aha moments, but mostly I found this story to be rather distasteful and redundant. The final chapters were worth reading, and I liked the overall ending. Would have enjoyed an epilogue or something a bit less abrupt. It was strange how the author belabored some points, yet halted the story on a dime.

The character I was supposed to hate was obviously horrid, but I found myself really being disgusted by the spouse. Really, there was NO other option for that person? UGH.

Last summer I read The Breakdown by this author, and found it to be much better! Even if it’s a bit predictable, too, there was a better buildup to the end. I wish I’d skipped on Behind Closed Doors.

Have you read any books by B. A. Paris? 


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  1. Fee Roberts says:

    Dolls creep me out too! My dad use to get me these porcelain dolls with these fancy dresses on them, and my mom would make my bed and put them on it. I’d get home from school and shove those creepy things in my closet. I’d come back home from school the next day and they would be back on my bed! This went on for a few years! I asked her why she kept putting them on my bed, and she would tell me that she didn’t want my dad’s feelings getting hurt. I don’t know whatever happened to those things, but I hated them!

    • UGH Fee, I’m shuddering right now. I can just see them sitting on the bed with their fancy dresses, creepy doll eyes….UGH!!!!!

  2. I think that some dolls definitely do have that creep factor to them. I haven’t read either of these books. I have not enjoyed books that are so loved by many myself, and it is hard to feel like that black sheep sometimes, isn’t it? I hope that you love your next read. 🙂

  3. rochelle Haynes says:

    This sounds like a nice book

  4. Deborah W. says:

    Don’t like the ideas of using dolls in stories but if that gets the reader into it then I guess it will work. Haven’t read either book or anything by the authors.

  5. No I haven’t. I like your book reviews, you’re inspiring me to pick up a book again 🙂

  6. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I cannot wait to read B. A. Paris’ latest. I appreciate the great review on this book.

  7. rochelle Haynes says:

    Sounds like a good book love to read this

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