Secrets in Our Scars $50 Amazon gift card #giveaway INT ends 3/6

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I’ve always liked the name Daisy. In this book, our Daisy has a sweet temperament with some sassy comebacks.  Though she’s been dealt some tough cards in her life, she was blessed to have an adopted family who loves her.  The aunts and her best friend, Vincent, were adorable characters!  The mystery of Daisy’s birth and other strange life experiences fueled this story.  I liked the way author Rebecca Trogner linked the clues to lead to a satisfying closure. Lots of secrets surrounded Daisy, and it was a fun ride to see where it would all end. [Read more…]

Enjoy Mother’s Day at Home #ad

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Living far away from my mother means that we don’t usually get to spend Mother’s Day together.  We try to see each other during the year, but school schedules make it difficult to travel on Sundays in May!  Mother’s Day is a treat for me; I usually spend it at home with my husband and children.  To make sure my mom enjoys her day, too, I send her a gift and call her on that day.  I’ve often said here on the blog that Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all women in our lives — not just mothers — so consider any special women in your lives when planning your Mother’s Day at home!  Here are some simple Mother’s Day tips for kids and significant others.   [Read more…]

Just Add Watercolor Happy Thoughts #giveaway ends 2/28 Full Hearts Can’t Lose US

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Art has become such an accessible hobby!  With the rise in adult coloring books and similar products, it’s easy to pick up an artistic hobby.  Fox Chapel Publishing has several new craft books releasing in February.  Just Add Watercolor Happy Thoughts is perfect for spring projects! [Read more…]

Calculus of Change + Amazon #giveaway US #MovieNight #rwm

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Movie nights aren’t always in the budget, so I’m grateful that my kids enjoy watching at home nearly as much!  In the debut novel The Calculus of Change by Jessie Hilb, main character Aden is my kind of girl.  When she and her friend Marissa had a movie night together and decided between Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary, I did a fist pump.  Colin Firth….Good taste, girls!

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The Nephilim Virus by @johntprather #giveaway ends 2/27 US

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Ahhh, romance.  It’s in the air during these February days, isn’t it?  Lucky for those of us who read, we get to enjoy romance all year ’round! Some of you might be the type that look for singing woodland creatures, sprinkles of fairy dust, or even Cupid’s arrow whizzing by……that type of romance.  My kind of romance, though, comes with a strong story and a serious twisty turny plot.  The romance just serves as a positive theme within a dark and tortured world.  The Nephilim Virus wouldn’t be considered a typical “romance” novel, but for those of you who enjoy a wild story with a touch of romance on the side, this is it!

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Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna + Goodreads #giveaway

At some point, I must have requested Two Girls Down at the library.  Last week, I got a message saying it was waiting for me.  Today I cracked the cover and finished it in one day.

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Bring Me Back and Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris book review

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Dolls creep me out. Thanks so much, B. A. Paris, for adding Russian dolls to that list. Oh, and probably won’t ever stop at a random bathroom along the highway ever again.

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Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lettering US #giveaway ends 2/20

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How many times in the past week did you need to handwrite something? Did you write a note to your child’s teacher, perhaps, or maybe jot a few items on a grocery list?   Technology is ever-changing, but the tradition of a written language — actual handwritten words — is one of the markers of civilization.  For our culture, though, handwriting is slowly becoming a lost art.


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Parragon Activities for when it’s cold outside US #Giveaway ends 2/25

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The Farmer’s Almanac is bookmarked on my computer; I’m always checking to see when our next snowfall might arrive!  When it’s cold outside, though, we need to have some fun things inside to keep the kids occupied.  These Parragon activities and books are sure to engage the little ones in your life for at least a few minutes. These items make a sweet gift for a faraway friend or loved one, too.

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Hearts Entwined historical romance novella collection

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How did you spend Super Bowl Sunday?  I tried not to get sick.  Instead, I covered in a blanket and read books while my husband watched Super Bowl stuff ALL DAY.  I lifted my head a couple of times, mostly to see Pink and Justin Timberlake.  Other than that, though, it was enough to finish reading The Couple Next Door and Hearts Entwined.

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