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Once upon a time, I had an online store.  It was run through eBay and I was paying hefty fees just to keep the store open.  I really enjoyed everything about running an online business, from “stocking” my online shelves to preparing the orders for shipment.  Unfortunately the store became really difficult to maintain due to the limited search features and other limitations of eBay.  For example, because I started selling children’s clothing items, I was forced to sort my items using the preset categories.  Many items didn’t sell because they were “hidden” from buyers due to the search terms.    It would have made more sense for me to run my business through an online storefront; however, at the time I just didn’t have a lot of options to make that possible.  Thankfully online sellers have more choices these days.  No matter what product you’re selling, from hairbows to forum subscriptions, you want your buyers to be able to find what they need with just a few clicks of the mouse.   You also want to keep your online catalog fresh without a lot of hassle.  Consider a service like 1ShoppingCart that offers so many options for your online business.  Having complementary products available could encourage your buyers to purchase more.  Easy-to-update inventory fields might give you a faster turnaround on product sales.  Marketing reports and other data can drive your online sales goals.  Just a few changes to your ecommerce site can make a huge difference in your bottom line!


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