Amazon Prime makes a great gift

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Earlier today, my father-in-law asked how Amazon Prime works. I was surprised, since he frequently orders from Amazon. When my husband started to list the benefits of Amazon Prime, I was reminded how much it’s worth the annual price tag. Shop Amazon for Father’s Day – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

There are many benefits to an Amazon Prime subscription, but these are my favorite:
1. Free 2-day shipping on millions of items — this is what initially got me to click SUBMIT. Just for this, it’s worth the price tag. We order from Amazon quite often!
2. Prime Video – so many movies and TV series included with this! We often find shows that aren’t available on Netflix streaming. Downton Abbey, anyone?
3. Prime Pantry is so convenient, I’d probably join just for this. The $5.99 shipping fee is easily waived when you purchase 5 select items. Create a themed box for dad, or have your Prime Pantry box shipped to your Walt Disney World resort to save on snacks! The options are limitless.
4. Unlimited streaming with Prime Music – I’m new to this service, but love the potential of using it anywhere I go.
5. Lending Library – with thousands of books to borrow for free and NO due dates, you may never buy another book!

Think about the special man in your life — would he use any of these Amazon Prime features? Enter to win a $15 Amazon gift code. The giveaway is open worldwide, ages 18+. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck!
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  1. I like Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping.

  2. Mary Rose Benipayo says:

    I’d love to win this for my dad! ☺

  3. Nancy Burgess says:

    Like free 2day shipping

  4. I love the free two day shipping! so much better than having to purchase amount to get freee shipping!

  5. Sherry Compton says:

    The free two-day shipping gets us. We love having it quick and free.

  6. I love free two-day shipping! I also love getting a free Kindle book every month.

  7. Judy Cox says:

    I like the free 2 day shipping on most items.

  8. I like Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping. Awesome!

  9. Tanya White says:

    I love the 2 day shipping and the prime videos.

  10. I love the free shipping. Thank you for joining the hop.

  11. Christie says:

    I like the free two day shipping the most.

  12. Hannah C says:

    Amazon Prime’s Free Two-Day Shipping appeals to me the most. I love getting products shipped free to me and the best part is that it arrives in just 2 days.

  13. Matt Scott says:

    Love you..for giving free two-day shipping

  14. I love watching Amazon Prime’s TV and movie selections with our Amazon Fire.

  15. Amazon is my go-to place for checking prices on stuff I want.

  16. Prime shipping is my favorite

  17. I love the 2 day free shipping!

  18. Love the free 2 day shipping!

  19. Sarah L says:

    No link to Amazon Prime – no problem I have it bookmarked.
    I like the free 2 day shipping.
    Thanks for the contest.

  20. Sherry Compton says:

    I am surprised at home many movies/tv shows we’ve done. It’s fun to watch some of the older tv shows.

  21. I’m a movie guy so the selection of movies is critical.

  22. Sherry Compton says:

    Especially at the holidays, Primes early advantage for their lightening deals is great.

  23. Free hipping is most important to me.

  24. The best feature of prime is the free 2 day shipping.

  25. Nikolina says:

    No minimum purchase is a great feature!

  26. I love the free two-day shipping and the digital credit you get if you don’t use it!

  27. Margaret Smith says:

    Amazon Prime is great with the movies offered too.

  28. Jessica Cox says:

    I like the 2 day shipping

  29. You get Prime video.

  30. Sherry Compton says:

    While I didn’t think I’d use it, I have watched several movies on Prime.

  31. Cynthia C says:

    I would like the 2 day free shipping feature from Amazon Prime.

  32. i really love the free 2-day shipping on most items.

  33. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    I really like that Amazon Prime gives you $10 off your first order.

  34. I love the 2 day free shipping but the library is amazing. I read so many books I’d save a fortune in books.
    Carol L

  35. Nancy Burgess says:

    I like free shipping and books to borrow free.

  36. My favorite feature of Amazon Prime in free shipping with no minimum purchase.

  37. The free two-day shipping is the best!

  38. Sarah L says:

    best thing is free shipping

  39. I like the free monthly Kindle book.

  40. Nikolina says:

    Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.

  41. Melissa Storms says:

    I have Prime and it is definitely the free 2 day shipping that is my favorite part. My son loves Prime music the most.

  42. Nikolina says:

    You can choose from over 20 million Prime eligible items

  43. Lily M. says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity 😊😊

  44. I like No-Rush Shippin credits.

  45. Sherry Compton says:

    Our family has used it for the movies and TV shows that Prime members get. We haven’t paid for any yet just the free ones.

  46. I like that you get the Amazon videos and television shows with prime!

  47. Ordered on Sunday, got it yesterday.

  48. Jeanine Carlson says:

    Free 2 day delivery!!

  49. Nikolina says:

    i love thaat Prime has no minimum purchase

  50. Sherry Compton says:

    The early entry to lightning deals is wonderful add to that the free shipping and this is great.

  51. You get movies & videos with Prime

  52. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I love Amazon Prime movies!

  53. Nikolina says:

    I like that you can choose from over 20 million Prime eligible items!!

  54. Sherry Compton says:

    They just emailed me movies I might like for Prime. It’s great to learn about new ones.

  55. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Prime saves me money!

  56. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I like being able to make a fave list for stuff I want to get!

  57. I like 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals.

  58. Cheryl B says:

    I love the 2 day free shipping.

  59. Jeanna Massman says:

    I love the Amazon Prime’s free shipping!

  60. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I love getting 2 day shipping for free!

  61. Nikolina says:

    Amazon Prime offers Free unlimited photo storage.

  62. claudia davis says:

    Free movies on amazon prime are an amazing perk.

  63. Dana Rodriguez says:

    We have it and I love the free shipping.

  64. Jaime Cummings says:

    I like all the tv shows and movies. I’m thinking about ordering it.

  65. I like unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.

  66. Sherry Compton says:

    I like that they email you with new movie and music options for Prime.

  67. I use the free 2day shipping

  68. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I love finding movies or tv shows from Amazon Prime!

  69. Sarah L says:

    Two day free shipping is great.

  70. I like borrowing one Kindle Book per month from over 500,000 titles for free on any Kindle device with no due dates.

  71. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I like the free 2 day shipping.

  72. I LOVE the free 2 day shipping! I’ve always loved shopping at Amazon but since joining Prime I love it more as I don’t have to have a minimum t0 get free shipping!

  73. Dana Rodriguez says:

    We use Prime all the time. I love the free shipping.

  74. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I like the two day shipping available at no additional costs the most of the Amazon Prime features.

  75. BRIAN E. says:

    We like the free 2-day shipping re Prime.

  76. I use their lending library

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