5 apps that save me time and money

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5 apps I use all the time - savingsinseconds.com

We used to joke about the saying, “There’s an app for that,” but these days it seems like the apps have gotten a little out of hand.  When you pull up the app store and search, there are SO MANY options that it can be quite overwhelming. At lunch a few days ago, my colleagues and I discussed our favorites. It was fun to see what others are using.  I learned about the Wish app, Shopkick, and a few others. I told my friends about these 5 apps that save me time, money, and a bit of sanity. What are your favorites? 

  1. iBotta is my favorite app - look what I've already earned! Save money without using coupons. savingsinseconds.com #referral iBotta 

    If you can’t be bothered with coupons but you like earning freebies, this one is for you. And bonus — when you use my referral link, it starts you out with $10 right away.  Pretty nice!   If you purchase alcohol at all, this is a BIG way to save on it. I always see unlock options for beer, wine, and other adult beverages on their rebate list. iBotta walks you through the process step-by-step, and after the first time you’ll be a pro. Basically, you purchase the item, then send a photo of your receipt (you might need to scan the item barcode first).  The magical iBotta fairies verify your purchase and send you an email when you’ve earned cash.  You can redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, or opt for Paypal cash.  A friend at work said he earned $17 within just a couple of days after our conversation.  It’s a hit!

  2. Dunkin’ Donuts 5 apps that save me time and money - I love the Dunkin Donuts app! savingsinseconds.com

    Hitting the drive-thru has never been so rewarding.  The Dunkin’ Donuts app gives all kinds of benefits. Around Thanksgiving, they had 50 bonus points per sandwich ordered. My son always orders 2 egg wraps (99-cents each).  I ended up getting at least 5 free iced mochas, just by buying what I would have ordered anyway!  Even better, you can pay via the app. I add $25 to my app every few weeks, and use it to pay right at the drive-thru. It’s so much easier than digging around for my money.  If you use my link, we’ll BOTH get a free beverage.  Nice!

  3. Period Tracker 5 apps I use all the time - savingsinseconds.com

    If you’ve ever had “the scare” and tried to count back the weeks on your fingers, you know what a treasure this app is.  It’s as easy to use as it can be — click the little button when you start your period, and click it again when it ends.  Period Tracker keeps count for you, and even predicts which date you’ll start again.  If you’re trying to conceive, it has fertility information as well.  As for the period prediction, it has been 100% accurate for me.  No more surprises; I’m always stocked and ready (and thankful).  It’s great for teens, who might have uncertainty about how to keep track of it all.  I use the light version, which is free.

  4.  Birchbox 5 apps I use all the time - savingsinseconds.com

    I rarely get a chance to wander to the beauty counter to try new products, so I rely on the internet to provide me with the latest and greatest. Birchbox does a fabulous job of sending me samples that turn out to be favorites.  Even if you don’t subscribe to the box, you can still get some great deals. Their app makes it super convenient to order; just a few clicks and my order is on its way.  I usually save 20% to 50% by using their codes, plus get nice little freebies like the mystery sample pack in the photo.  For example, last week I ordered the Hello Fresh powder by Benefit.  As you know, Benefit is usually excluded from coupons and offers at the big beauty stores.  By shopping through Birchbox, I got 2 free samples, free shipping, $19 off with code 2YEARLOVE, plus used $10 in reward points from my previous orders (Birchbox keeps track for me).  The powder alone retails for $34. I paid less than $20 for everything. Click here to get some great deals! 

  5.  Cartwheel 5 apps that save me time and money - I love the Dunkin Donuts app! savingsinseconds.com

    If you shop at Target EVER, you need this app.  You know the saying, “Every little bit helps” that frugal people like to tout?  Cartwheel proves it to be true.  While 5% might not seem like much of a savings, consider this.  Will it pay your tax?  Do you have a coupon to pair with the app?  Target is the best store about letting you stack the savings — for example, if I wanted to buy tampons, I could use a manufacturer’s coupon, Target coupon, Cartwheel app, and Target red card for an additional 5% off.  See the savings?  Just do a quick search when you walk into Target and see if anything on your list is on the Cartwheel app.  At the end of your shopping trip, pull up the barcode. The app figures out if you get to redeem anything. So easy, and it can add up to big savings!

So there you have 5 of the apps that I use all the time.  What are your favorite apps for saving time and money?

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  1. I love Ibotta. I also like Receipt Hog, SavingStar, and Checkout 51. I recently did a post about saving money with apps if you’d like to check it out (Redesigning Happiness)

  2. GillisHills says:

    I recently got my first smartphone, so I’ll check out these apps ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I keep saying I need to get a smartphone so I can use these apps, but the monthly charges are too high for me.

  4. Michelle Elizondo says:

    Amen!! I love savings.

  5. I think I’m getting a smartphone next month and then I’ll be able to use these apps.

  6. I need to start using Cartwheel more!

  7. Amber Ludwig says:

    Looove cartwheel!! Seriously my fav app since we live at Target it seems lol!! I have to try Ibotta though!! I have heard nothing but amazing things!!

    • Let me know what you think of iBotta, Amber. I have been really pleased. And YES on Cartwheel/Target — I can definitely blow the budget with one trip.

  8. I use the cartwheel app every time I go to Target!

  9. beth shepherd says:

    I love finding new apps that I can use. I like the savingstar. Thank you

  10. Laura Rose says:

    I haven’t used cartwheel before. I’ll definitely be using it from now on. Thanks!

  11. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I am checking out these really nice apps. I appreciate the information on this, as this will help me to save money.

  12. I have Cartwheel but none of the others. Haven’t gotten around to Ibotta.

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