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Pilot Pens and Target partnered – G2 Overachievers Club

Disclosure:  By some amazing stroke of luck, Pilot sent me these pens for review.  You can imagine my thrill!  Opinions shared are mine.

School supplies have always made my heart skip a beat. Some of you know exactly what I mean!  You’ll be happy to know that Pilot acknowledges this obsession with their amazing pens, and they’ve partnered with Target to create the G2 Overachievers Club.  So then, Pilot sent me these G2 pens.  People, I was happier than a bird with a french fry.  The thing is, my kids are just as enamored by pens as I am (maybe more….dare I say it?)  Naturally, those pens were whisked right out of my grasp. [Read more…]

June : A Novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Finding a new author is like making a grand discovery on a  hike.  A beautiful flower, a waterfall, a perfectly flat rock to skip across the lake….. Miranda Beverly-Whittemore is such a gem.  I received her novel June to review, and found it to be the type that cries out to be a movie.  The characters can’t be contained in these pages! (Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.  If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission.) [Read more…]

Memorial Day decor does double-duty for Independence Day

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Memorial Day is almost here.  This year is the first time I’ll be putting memorial arrangements out for a veteran.  My father and grandfather both passed away last year, and they were military veterans. I will take time to remember their service during the holiday.  If you’re gearing up to put out patriotic decor, consider using it again for Independence Day.  I always love getting a 2-for-1 deal, don’t you?  The DollarTree has lots of Memorial Day decorations that are both affordable and adorable.  [Read more…]

True to You by Becky Wade Prize Pack and $100 #Giveaway

Disclosure: I received this book for review; opinions shared are mine.

“Finding oneself at the mercy of a crazed gunman isn’t all fun and games.”  ~Nora Bradford, True to You by Becky Wade

What an eyebrow-raising first line!

Just as you’d expect from a line like that, True to You‘s main character Nora was spunky and sarcastic. I usually find Becky Wade’s characters to be a little too sweet for my taste, so right away I was Nora’s fan.  [Read more…]

Get the Look You Want with Model Model Lace Front Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

My mom had spine surgery two years ago and needed 6 months to fully recover.  Just before she had the procedure, she cut her hair VERY short.  We’re not talking about a cute pixie cut.  She basically had it shaved.  I couldn’t believe it — my mom always had such pride in her hair.  She said she wanted it to be fuss-free while she recovered.  Since I live 300 miles away from her, I couldn’t be there to help her care for herself (tears….)  I wish I’d known about model model lace front wigs at that time.  A beautiful wig would have been such a blessing for her, and affordable peace of mind for me.

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The Polygamist’s Daughter by Anna LeBaron – review

Disclosure: I received this book from Tyndale. Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

I’m not sure why this book cover feels so scary to me…..maybe it’s the covered eyes, or the context of the title.  While I don’t know much about polygamy, it has been the subject of many TV shows and news stories in the past few years.  The Polygamist’s Daughter was available from Tyndale’s blog network, so I requested it for review.   [Read more…]

Deep Under Cover by Jack Barsky book review

Disclosure: I received this book from Tyndale. Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

My husband and I love watching shows about government agencies.  The FBI, CIA, and all of it….so fascinating.  Of course, I prefer the fictional stories like X-Files or Alias.  My husband would rather watch documentaries.  Both of us loved the book I received from Tyndale for review — Deep Under Cover by Jack Barsky!  [Read more…]

Have an inspirational summer with SNUG Safe Sound

Disclosure: I received sample products; opinions shared are mine.  Post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a few pennies. Thank you!

When it comes to inspiration, my kids are at the top of my list.  They inspire me to be a better person, not just a better mom.   Protecting them is a top priority!  Though they don’t value it right now, I know their hearing is a precious gift.  It’s so critical that their little ears are kept safe and sound.  Thanks to SNUG Play+ headphones and Safe n Sound defenders, that precious sense of hearing will be preserved even throughout the loud-music days.  [Read more…]

STEAM activities – Nancy Drew Codes & Clues app

Disclosure: I received a prize pack just like the one the giveaway winner will receive! Opinions shared are mine.

STEAM is one of the biggest buzzwords in education right now.  You might also see variations of this idea, such as STEM or STREAM.  This ideology  incorporates high-interest learning tasks with technology skills such as coding or investigating science concepts.  During the summer months, it can be a challenge to keep kids engaged in these activities.  Apps like Nancy Drew Codes & Clues are a good solution to the summer learning loss problem.

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Little Fun Club book box — great way to make reading a summer activity

Little Fun Club blog tour. A subscription box for children's books. Great for kids ages 0-12.

At a reading conference I attended last fall, one of the presenters shared that children can lose up to 3 months of learning over the summer months. The cure, so to speak?  Keep them reading!  You realize how big of a challenge that is, though.  One way to make reading fun over the summer is to tie it in with “fun” mail.  The Little Fun Club book box contains just what you need.

Disclosure: I received this box in exchange for a review. Opinions shared are mine. [Read more…]