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Dreams & Visions: Understanding and Interpreting God’s Messages to You by Jane Hamon book review

Dreams and Visions book review -

Disclosure: I received this book to review. Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

Dreams have always been a source of fascination for me.  I had high hopes for Dreams & Visions by Jane Hamon, expecting it to be more like a “how to interpret dreams” kind of guide.  It was an easy, short read with some specific guidelines to discern dreams.  However, the format was rather wordy.  There were many stories through which to sort, making it difficult to identify the meat of the information.   Technical terms created by Hamon, along with scientific research, helped to validate the facts from the stories. Additionally, Hamon backs up her statements with biblical truth.

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Starving Hearts by Janine Mendenhall book review #LitfuseReads

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Opinions shared are mine.

Does the idea of a delicious romance, brewed amidst risk of social ruin, and based in the late 1790’s appeal to you?   If so, Starving Hearts is just your ticket!  Add this book to your Jane Austen collection, or put it beside your Downton Abbey DVDs.

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The Things We Knew by Catherine West book review

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links. Opinions shared are mine.
The Things We Knew

Dysfunctional family dramas draw me like a moth to flame. Perhaps it’s because I can relate; maybe it’s the sibling fallout that catches my attention.   Whatever the reason, The Things We Knew by Catherine West captured my attention from the start!  [Read more…]

Safe and Secure Transportation Through DriveTime

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My husband and I have been together for 20 years. During the length of our relationship, we’ve owned 17 different vehicles! We’ve spent a lot of time at dealerships and used car lots! Last week, my father passed away and we made an unexpected road trip spanning five states in each 12-hour direction. We drove that distance twice over the course of 36 hours. As you can imagine, we depended on our truck to be reliable so that we didn’t have additional worries or repairs. If you have credit issues, buying a dependable vehicle might seem out of reach. Safe and secure transportation is within your grasp! Search used cars on DriveTime to make this journey a bit simpler. Here’s what I’ve learned from our car lot buying experiences. [Read more…]

The Loyal Heart by Shelley Shepard Gray book review #LitfuseReads

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Opinions shared are mine.

A Loyal Heart book review -

Book about war and military heroes seem a dime a dozen. The Loyal Heart, in contrast, bears a deeper meaning in terms of those left behind the fallen heroes.  This title from bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray features an interesting cast of characters, an unlikely romance, and the renewal of spirit.

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Tribe Necklaces speak the truth! Special offer code

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Positive thoughts really CAN make a difference.
Cents of Style expect miracles

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Do’s and don’ts of Amwell telemedicine #momsloveamwell #ad

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Over the summer, my daughter shared her knock-down-drag-out virus with me.  One minute I was fine, but sometime after lunch the illness hit me full force.  I spent the entire weekend in bed, not able to sleep because of the all-over body aches.  There was no way that my aching body was going to make it  to the doctor’s office! Thanks to  Amwell,  I was able to get some comfort from a healthcare provider without even leaving my house.   #momsloveamwell #ad - get your visit for less!

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A Teen’s Guide to the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman book review

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A Teen's Guide to the 5 Love Languages #giveaway

I don’t  make this kind of wholehearted recommendation very often, but if there’s any book you need to read WITH your teenager, this is it!!!  in case I didn’t make that clear enough, let me reiterate…..A Teen’s Guide to the 5 Love Languages holds the kind of information that can impact a person in all areas of life, no matter their age.   [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Accessory Stash

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If you didn’t already know, I think cloth diapers are adorable. I didn’t get to use them with my kids since their daycare insisted on disposables, but OH!  How I missed out on some of these prints.  Look!  Just look at this cuteness!

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can get your 30-day free trial and Wear. It. Out.  Here are some ideas on how to spend that extra savings!  [Read more…]

Crabby Apple Oatmeal in a Maxine mug can Bake Me Happy #LoveHallmark

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In my college days, one of my dorm friends, Marti, loved Maxine items from Hallmark. She collected everything from mugs to paper towels with the Maxine motif!  These days, Maxine is still going strong. Her grumpy grumblings are hilariously on point.  The bathrobe and slippers she always wears has become her fashion statement.  No amount of face cream will cure that permascowl. The question is, can Maxine bake me happy?  Here’s how I used some of the Maxine’s Free to Be Crabby collection items in my kitchen!    [Read more…]