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NIV Bible for Teen Girls #FlyBy

Disclosure: I received this book to review. Opinions shared are mine.
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Lovely themed pages (pink chevron page headers, bold pink headings, and pretty fonts) and of-the-moment vignettes make the NIV Bible for Teen Girls a special book. While it might look like another pretty Bible, the inner pages will hit home with the teenage girl in your life. The Bible contains daily readings from well-known female authors including Bethany Hamilton.

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A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love #LitfuseReads

Disclosure: I received this book to review; post contains affiliate links. Opinions shared are mine.

Throw in the word “benefactor,” and I already have great expectations for it.  So when I saw that in the book summary for A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love, it was instabooklove.

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Make it a cash-free Christmas with these #freebie tips!

Cash free christmas

Many of us are feeling the pinch of inflation this year.  Higher prices at grocery stores, higher energy bills, and overall cost of living increases have taken a toll on the holiday budgets of many families.  On one blog I read, there was a reader comment from a mom of 2 kids who said that she was going to be unable to buy Christmas gifts this year due to a tight budget.  While I understand that situation, and can certainly relate to those who want to get out of the gift-giving tradition altogether, I want my readers to know that there are cash-free alternatives to buying Christmas gifts!  Try a few of these tips while you’re watching TV over the next few weeks, and you’ll find yourself with easy freebies to use as gifts for many people on your list.  Best of all – you won’t have DIY even one gift! [Read more…]

How we prevent problems with allergies #ecologyworks

We recently moved to a new home that is located out along a tree-lined road. The cars driving by tend to blow dust into our yard, which shows on the wood floors. Since we’re heading into fall, the pets have been adding their own share of dust from their dander. Here’s what we do to make things a little easier around our acting-up allergies!

1. Use a steam mop.
Shark steam and mop -
Since this mop uses the power of steam from distilled water, no chemicals are necessary for a high-quality clean. It sanitizes up to 99.9% of the germs and leaves behind a beautiful shine. The microfiber cloth is great for collecting dust, and is machine washable.

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My All American football movie #MyAllAmerican

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Clarius Entertainment. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Fall is one of the best times of the year in East Tennessee. The trees change color around the end of October. The temperatures are just perfectly brisk — not usually cold enough to need a coat, but not hot enough to make you melt, either. Then there’s football. Whether you’re at a TN Vols game in the flood of orange, or cheering from the sidelines of a high school football field, most TN residents enjoy a football game at some point during the weekend. My All American is sure to be a hit with football fans everywhere; this feel-good movie has the makings of a classic. After all, it comes from the writers of Rudy and Hoosiers! My All American opens on November 13, 2015 and is rated PG.
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Krystal’s Halloween Deal from Club Krystal #LetsKrystal

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Surprise packages are always fun, and this one was a real TREAT!   Our Ink Link friends sent us a Krystal package full of candy, pencils, and Krystal combo meal vouchers.  The good news for you is that they’re also giving an identical package to one lucky reader.  Hooray!  To enter, just spread the word about Club Krystal. [Read more…]

What to read this weekend: The Splendor of Ordinary Days by Jeff High

Disclosure: I received this book to review. Post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

Splendor of Ordinary Days - new Watervalley title from @JeffHighWriter #LitfuseReads

Upon first glance of the book Splendor of Ordinary Days, one might expect it to be reminiscent of the Mitford series, or perhaps Andy Griffith. The premise includes a small town doctor who courts “the” local schoolteacher, the presence of a grumpy newspaper editor, and basic ups and downs of life that make us all rethink our priorities. The book is not a Christian fiction novel, although the story is relatively clean and certainly quite tame compared to much mainstream fiction. There are a few uses of mild profanity which usually seemed to be in line with the character.  It’s definitely worth a read!  I haven’t read the other Watervalley books, of which this title is the third, I’m anxious to find out what I missed. [Read more…]

Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 #GalaxyBuck #FlyBy

Disclosure: I received a chance to watch an advanced screener for this movie. Opinions shared are mine.

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Dads, the Christian cartoon you’ve been waiting for has come to fruition. Galaxy Buck is a new title from Phil Vischer, the mastermind behind VeggieTales. The puppet characters will remind older viewers of the Muppets, with a respectful nod to Star Trek and Star Wars visual and musical themes. It’s the kind of movie you’ll love to watch on family night, explaining all the references to your kids!  In Mission to Sector 9, Buck Denver has a great message for kids. First, it teaches that God’s plans are greater than ours. Additionally, kids will learn that it’s necessary to depend on friends and elders for help. Finally, the movie shares the idea that a “big thing for God” doesn’t have to launch us into space.  Ready to watch?  The show is available on JellyTelly. [Read more…]

To the family in ORANGE

To the family in orange - I prayed for Alex. Dear Orange Mom,
Your family stood in front of mine at the Soarin’ ride at Epcot last week. We had fastpasses to ride, but the line was still long. I admit that when Orange Dad and an Orange Kid got in front of us to join your Orange Family, I was a bit resentful. Why were they cutting line to join your party? When the Soarin’ Cast Member asked for your fastpass, you flashed a special lanyard. He counted your Orange Family and waved you through. What was that pass, I wondered, and how can I get one of those magical things? I was a teensy bit jealous of your family, with your matchy-matchy Orange Shirts and magic fastpasses. That’s how self-absorbed I was before you changed my world. [Read more…]

We Love Disney album review #WeLoveDisney #O2O

Disclosure: I participated in the We Love Disney album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

Our family just returned from a Disney vacation. We have visited several times before, but each experience has its own special magic. This was our first family trip in several years; my husband wasn’t able to come with us on the last adventure. One of my favorite parts of being at Disney World is the bright, happy music that plays wherever you go. It’s truly everywhere! On the bus, in the waiting areas, and throughout the parks, you can hear wonderful Disney soundtracks. We find ourselves singing these tunes in our hotel room, too. Once we returned home, it was hard to believe that we’d just spent those wonderful days in The Happiest Place on Earth. An easy way to bring home the magic? Listening to the new We Love Disney album! [Read more…]