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The time when hormones were actually a good thing

Disclosure:  This guest post is brought to you by Oxytocin Factor. Opinions shared are mine.

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google


My background in psychology doesn’t make it easier for me to avoid being hormonal.  In fact, it might even make things worse because I know that there are chemical imbalances at play in my brain during certain times of the month.   My poor husband never knows when my hormones are going to be happy or sad!  I was given the opportunity to share with you this fascinating article on the influence of oxytocin.  It’s really interesting to note the tremendous impact of hormones on our lives.

Influence of oxytocin on our organism [Read more…]

Amazing deals on clothes and shoes for kids! FabKids and Zulily exclusive event

Now that spring is in full force, our wardrobe is at its wonkiest.  The temperatures are still hovering in the 50’s and 60’s, so long pants and long sleeves are in order for my 6 year old son.  The highs can top off at 80, though, so we need a few short sleeves to get us through.  Since I can’t justify spending a small fortune on a new wardrobe just for spring, I turned to (referral link)  FabKids. As always, I got a fabulous deal!  I’ve been saving my credits and points for such a time as this, and cashed them out to maximize the transition from winter to spring.  For just $19.95 — including shipping — I nabbed 7 tops and 6 bottoms for my little guy!

FabKids has fabulous deals - check it out!  I got all this for $19.95 shipped.

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Looking for Something Special For Mom – Enter to win Beaute La Royale Skin Cleansing System #giveaway

Something I’ve never purchased for myself was a skin cleansing system. I’ve seen them on TV and wondered about their effectiveness, but didn’t know if it was worth the splurge in time or money. When Beaute La Royale sent me this 6-piece set, I was curious about how to use it. The kit comes in a handy little bag that’s roomy enough to hold makeup and other personal care items, too.  Batteries are not included; you’ll need 4 AA batteries.
Enter to win this #Skincleanser system - #giveaway at

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A Heart’s Obsession – book 2 in the Colleen Coble Journey of the Heart series book review

Disclosure: I received these books to review. Opinions shared are mine. The post contains affiliate links.

Take the time to read the Journey of the Heart series - book 2 is A Heart's Obsession.

For all those times that you wished you had time to read a book, this one is for you! The Journey of the Heart by Colleen Coble has been serialized into six small novellas.  A Heart’s Obsession (Journey of the Heart)is the second in the series. Click here for book one’s review!

My biggest recommendation for this book series is —> DON’T READ THE BOOK SUMMARY!!  Each title is so short that it’s difficult to give a proper review without also giving an improper spoiler.  The book summary completely gives away every single thing that happens in these short 100 pages.  So, heed my advice and just open to the first page!   [Read more…]

A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron and Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

Disclosure: I received these books to review. The post contains affiliate links; opinions shared are mine.

This week I got to read two wonderful novels. Where Trust Lies and A Sparrow in Terezin are such opposites!
Where Trust Lies follows the story of Where Courage Calls, which I read last year.  Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan partnered again to take us into Elizabeth Thatcher’s life.  The relationship that Beth and Jarrick built takes a backseat to the family drama back at the Thatcher home. As Beth reconnects with her family, we see an inside view of her role as one of three sisters. [Read more…]

gMovies don’t make my PC screen blush #giveaway US/CAN

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GMovies don't make my screen blush!  #FreeTrial subscription -
One of my husband’s most endearing qualities is his sense of modesty. He is a man of God and takes our marriage very seriously. When we’re watching TV or a movie, he turns his head away if there’s a scene that shows a bit too much skin. He’s also careful to change the channel if the language becomes too spicy for my young son’s ears. We want to guard the hearts, eyes, and ears of our children. My husband is an excellent model for them. That’s why family movie night is made so much easier with gMovies. Get your FREE trial by clicking here!! Enter code FREETRIAL6. I hadn’t heard of the UP channel before, but it’s the superpower behind gMovies. Here’s what I enjoyed with my subscription. [Read more…]

Easy Italian Chicken Doesn’t Just Fight Hunger #ad #WeSparkChange #Shop2Give

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Easy Italian Chicken - make it with #WeSparkChange ingredients! #Shop2Give #ad

When my kids hop in the car, the first thing I hear is, “I’m hungry!”  Sometimes it’s frustrating to try to fill those bottomless pits, but I try to stop and remember how very blessed I am.  Many of the students at my school depend on the cafeteria breakfast and lunch because they don’t have food at home.  Our school sends home snacks and meals for the kids to prepare on the weekends, but I worry about those little ones when school is out.  On the days that we stayed home because of snow, those children must have suffered from hunger.  Sitting in a classroom and trying to focus on history or math is tough when the stomach is growling.  All too often, there are children who must battle that problem.  Therefore, I’m so grateful that I can feed my children when they ask for something to eat. My husband and I have jobs that enable us to satisfy that hunger with delicious, nutritious meals.  Not every parent is able to fill those hungry beaks, yet the rest of us can help to bridge those gaps through our regular shopping trips.  You see, Feeding America Food Banks plan to donate up to 75 million meals based on the purchases we make at Walmart.  I used two ingredients from  participating brands  to make a family favorite – Easy Italian Chicken.  This recipe doesn’t just fight hunger at my house; it also helps to provide two meals at Feeding America!   [Read more…]

Shoelace Bands make it easier to get the shoes ON!

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Before kids, my favorite shoes were wedges, heels, and strappy sandals.  These days, my “quick” shoes are my sneakers.  The backs of the sneakers always seem to be crushed down because I slide them on and walk on the back of the shoes until I have a free moment to tie them.  Do you have that problem, too?  Shoelace Bands eliminate the need for shoelaces that have to be tied (and retied).  Use them on your kids’ shoes to make them easier to put on, or add them to your own shoes to brighten up an old pair of sneaks.  I love that the colors are bright and bold.  The bands are flexible and easy to stretch. They’re perfect for those who have trouble bending down to tie shoes (9th month of pregnancy, for example!)   Try Shoelace Bands when you want to dress up a pair of sneakers. Great for kids! #giveaway [Read more…]

Mother’s Day gifts made easy with Zazzle

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The spring months are always tough around here.  We spent January recovering from Christmas, February was spent blanketed in snow, and when March came along it was full of catch-up activity.  April has been busy with days at the ball park.  When I realized that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it took me by surprise.  How did May get here already?  If you need some ideas for great Mother’s Day gifts that have a custom look without the price tag, head to Zazzle.  They are currently offering 30% off custom gifts for her, and even has product categories set up for you.  It’s Mother’s Day made easy!

Mother's Day gift - [Read more…]

Say Cheese — Spring Has Sprung! Krystal new menu items

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Are you ready to head outdoors and enjoy the spring sunshine? Krystal just made it a whole lot more fun to be cheesy.  Try their new lineups, including the Bacon & Cheese Krystal and the Triple Cheese Krystal.  The Mushroom & Swiss Krystal sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  The thing I’m most excited to try, though, is their new banana pudding milkshake, made with NILLA wafers. Yum! Which of these sound good to you?

Shake Cheese Prize Pack

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