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Tricities Tuesday: Family Eye Care in Kingsport, TN

This week I received an unexpected surprise at my annual eye exam.  Family Eye Care in Kingsport, TN is offering a teacher discount!  I’m not sure if this only applies to Kingsport City Schools teachers or other area systems, but if this applies to you, definitely check it out.  It saved me 30%.  Not too shabby (especially considering that vision coverage was eliminated from our insurance this year. Boo!) [Read more…]

Daily Deal Tricities — if you’re in NE TN, check it out!

Okay, I should probably save this for Tri-citiesTuesday, but it’s just too good to wait.  I am super excited that we are finally getting a daily deal site for the Tricities!!!  I’m always so disappointed when I see the great deals on Groupon and other daily sites, wishing that we had something like that here in the Tricities.  Now we do!  Check out the deals often.  Today’s deal is $30 for $60 at Evolution MMA, where they have adult MMA, women’s kick boxing, children’s classes and conditioning.  The certificate expires 12/31/11 so you could even get this for a Christmas gift!!!  There are only 15 hours left to take advantage of this offer, so if you want it, go now!  My kids always love gifts that enable them to do an activity instead of a toy that they’ll lose interest in. [Read more…]

Thinking about joining Costco? Go through MyPoints!

I received a BonusMail email from MyPoints tonight that advertises a great offer for those who want to join Costco, or give a gift membership.

For $50 you can purchase a Costco Certificate which can be used to:

  • Join as an Executive Member when you buy 2 membership certificates
  • Join as a Gold Star Member*
  • Upgrade your existing membership
  • Gift a Costco Membership to someone [Read more…]