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How to have a Low-Cost Christmas Without the Credit Card!

Enjoy your Christmas this year!!!

Many of you probably think this is very irresponsible, but relying on credit was our lifestyle for a very long time.  Last Christmas was the first time I was able to pay for all of our Christmas gifts without the credit cards. What’s more, I bought the same amount (or more) of gifts that I normally did when using my credit cards.   Many of our gifts were free thanks to tips that I learned along the way.  If you’re in the same boat—wanting to have a “big” Christmas without overspending, read on!!  Yes, there is always the option of “buy less” but honestly, I LOVE giving at Christmas.  I was just buying the wrong way.  Please feel free to share this information with your friends.  If these tips help even one person, it was worth my time in posting.  It IS possible to have a big Christmas on a small budget.
I started using these strategies in October 2010 and was able to pay for Christmas and my children’s birthday gifts with what I earned between October through December.  [Read more…]

Made an easy $16 on Deal Baby Deal!! You can too!


I wasn’t sure about DealBabyDeal at first because I posted 16 coupon codes & never got any commission from them.  Wish I had continued to post them because today I earned a $16 bonus from them — $1 per coupon code!  This email came today:

SOOOOO worth the few seconds it took to post the codes, especially since I just used the ones I got via email.  Super easy!!   If you want to give it a try, click here to get set up.  I’m not promising that they will do another $1/code bonus, since I didn’t even know about this one.  I just know now that the site is legit!

Coupons in the Mail….get yours easily!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably saw my earlier post about getting coupons in the mail.  You see, I’ve been writing to 3-5 companies per day to offer my feedback regarding their products. Most of my emails are compliments—-I figure that they hear enough complaints, they need to know the good things about their products.  It makes me happy to send a good note.  And many of the companies have responded with a personal email that gives me the warm fuzzies!   Several companies have responded by sending me coupons for their products.  In the picture above, you’ll see what came in the mail on Saturday (8/13/11) alone!   I received coupons from Amy’s, Whole Fruit, Welch’s, Martinelli’s, Alouette cheese, Eden,  Sara Lee, and my sweet coupon buddy. [Read more…]

Thrifty Thursday: Sign up for store emails!

I missed the Tri-cities Tuesday post this week. School started back and I just got too busy to sit down and write!  Hopefully those of you who live in the Tricities will be able to take advantage of this deal because I think it’s a pretty good one.

If you frequently shop at one particular store, or if you hold a discount card for a grocery store, be sure to sign up for store emails.  (Why am I saying “if?”  Of course, you savvy shoppers have every discount card possible!)   [Read more…]

Cooper’s Mine is a Gem in Blountville, TN heads to Cooper's Mine in Blountville, TN

Looking for something different & fun to do with the kids before summer is over?  There’s a great, affordable summer activity just around the corner in Blountville, TN.  Cooper’s Gem Mine is located off of Highway 394, less than 5 minutes from Exit 69 on I-81.   Open Monday through Saturday, Cooper’s Mine welcomes individuals, families, and groups.  You can get $2 off your bucket when you mention that you read about it on my blog! (May be expired—call ahead to ask.)  If you need an outing for a mom’s group or Sunday School class, give them a call.  Group rates are available. Do call ahead for a reservation if you plan to do this, though! [Read more…]